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Purchasing Information


What to expect when purchasing a Savannah Kitten from our Cattery

There is no specific age when a kitten is allowed to go to their new home; we simply wait until they are individually ready. This usually happens between 8-12 weeks of age. We will not allow any kittens to leave our cattery before 8 weeks of age. Our kittens must be cleared for health by our Veterinarian prior to leaving our cattery.

Kittens are priced individually based on desirable breed features and by generation. A holding deposit must be received in order to reserve a kitten and is non- refundable. Sorry, no exceptions. Holding deposits are typically 50% of the purchase price and applied towards the purchase price. We do accept payment plans, in which we will accept payments towards the purchase price after an initial deposit. Kittens will not be released to the buyer until paid for in full.

In order to place a deposit on a Kitten, you must fill out and sign our Kitten Sales Agreement. This Agreement can be requested via Email when you are ready to place your deposit. Accepted payment methods for a deposit are PayPal or Check. Please note, for personal checks the kitten will not be “reserved” until the check has cleared, however, we will not accept any other deposits once a check has been received and begun processing. Accepted payment methods for final balance are PayPal with a 3% additional fee, Personal Check (must clear before pick-up date), or Cash. If paying the final balance in person upon pick-up, we only accept Cash.

When the kitten is ready to leave our cattery, we must have a signed Kitten Sales Agreement and a copy of the buyer’s driver’s license must be obtained. Often, we will send this to you before pick-up so you can enjoy your first moments with your new kitty without paperwork! Remember, kittens will not be released until paid for in full.

Shipping. We prefer to sell our kittens locally, however, we will ship to approved homes within the United States. We will only ship to breeders Internationally, sorry. Airfare charges are the responsibility of the buyer, however, we will arrange the transportation for you. We also offer local delivery in Southern California for a very small fee. Often times, we will meet a buyer that lives far at a half way point from their location and ours to deliver kitten.

Kittens come with a kitten kit. In the kitten kit, it includes the kitten’s health record along with a free dose of Revolution. We will also send you home with kitten’s first meal, toy from home, and their baby blanket that smells like mom!

Choosing to bring a pet into your forever family is a big deal! We are here to help you along the way and will answer as many questions as you have. It is important when choosing a Savannah that you are educated about the breed. Savannahs are a unique pet and we want to ensure our kittens have the best level of care possible and live long, happy, and healthy lives in a forever home so please do not be offended if we ask YOU a lot of questions! This helps us match the right kitten to your household by getting to know a little more about you.

If you have any questions about purchasing, please contact us!