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Care Advice

Please refer to this page if you are planning to or have recently purchased a kitten from us! These are our best recommendations on caring for your kitten.

F4 Kitten with our Veterinarian

F4 Kitten with our Veterinarian

Health & Diet

Our Adult cats receive routine veterinary exams and maintain a healthy diet with high quality food. Our kittens are started on a regular routine of wet and dry food at about 5 weeks of age. They receive kitten food with all of the essential nutrients for newborns. Kittens get their first veterinarian exam at 6 weeks of age. Kittens get standard deworming and their first set of shots (FVRCP) at 8 weeks of age. We recommend a total of 3 sets of the FVRCP vaccinations; you will need to arrange the last 2 sets with your Veterinarian. DISCLAIMER: Remember, these are our recommendations – please check with your Vet to develop the proper care plans that work best for you and their professional opinions.





Declawing & Microchipping

We do not offer any form of declawing for our kittens. We believe in nail trimmings from an early age so the kittens are used to trims. We also teach our kittens to get out scratching behaviors on sisal scratching posts as well as cardboard scratchers so they are accustomed to both. For those concerned about furniture destruction, we recommend Soft Paws. They are available at most pet stores and we also sell them. Soft Paws are nail caps that comfortably fit over the claws and are applied with a non-toxic adhesive. They work great and are a wonderful alternative to declawing!

We can offer Microchipping upon request for a small additional fee. The Kitten will be Microchipped for you by our Veterinarian. We do recommend Microchipping but leave this decision up to the buyer.

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Preparing to Bring Home Your Kitten

When bringing a kitten to their new home, it is important to have a room already set up for them and your home “kitten-proofed”; meaning you have ensured that nothing hazardous is out that could potentially harm kitten. Kitten should have a quiet and cozy room set up for them to adjust to their new home in; we recommend a bathroom for easy cleaning and no where for kitten to hide, and preferably close to your main living quarters so you can begin bonding. Here is a list of things you should have on hand and ready for your kitten’s arrival:

litter box


to help kitten adjust easily, we recommend using the same brand we use here at our cattery

food & water dishes


we will provide you with a sample of food to take home. we recommend that you slowly transition the kitten to your food of choice


toys should be kitten safe, nothing harmful they could possibly ingest; feather teasers should only be used under supervision

cat bed


either rope or cardboard, our cattery utilizes both

Your kitten will come with a kitten kit; including their health record, a free dose of Revolution, baby blanket that smells like Mom, and a familiar toy they loved to play with at our cattery. If you are picking up your kitten from us, remember to bring a pet carrier!